Kjore Project | Limited Studs iClutch + Coins MARRONE | KPJ_ICLUTCHSTUDSCOINS_MARRONE
Kjore Project

Limited Studs iClutch + Coins BROWN

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07/06/2023 13:23:07
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i have ordered 2 articles. came immediately in 1-2 days. in perfect condition. decided to return 1 item, they were extremely nice and helpful. Note: currently their web "how to return" section does not work, yet to be setup. but you can reach them easily on Chat. returns are free of shipment fees. Devidlabel takes care of it 👍
Jasna Najdova Vurnek
With the product and delivery service, I'm satisfied. It's a bit costier though. I saw the same product in other seller and it cost lower but overall I'm content.
Ăŕķ âńğħŁ
I have ordered a jacket online and received it super quickly! Exceptional customer service!
Nadica Bretting