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Happiness Mission Statement

It’s very simple. We create fun lifestyle clothing that gives emotion and inspires our customers to express themselves in every way in their everyday, since 2007.

We commit ourselves building a family like experience through our retail and wholesale platforms with fast ideas to market performances and artigianal manufacturing.

We want to become the most positive brand in the world. By wearing Happiness you are spreading Happiness and making the world a cozier, happier place.

It is now your duty to spread Happiness. Thank you for wearing it proudly and giving back to society by spreading this positive feeling.

Happiness Brand Philosophy

It all started in 2007 with a relationship between an Italian family factory and a fashion student from Los Angeles. They began to express themselves through t-shirts and started to sell them to friends and local retailers.

In a couple of months Happiness became very popular and started to develop a full collection approaching high fashion.

In a moment in which Happiness was needed, the brand began to spread worldwide becoming popular between top retailers.

A positive feeling mixed with high end fashion makes the brand very forward in the products, in the designs and in the constant development of rockin’ ideas.

Vertical integration Yuma Italia since 1984.


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27/05/2024 14:01:46
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I am very glad I found this store! They have a great selection of multiple brands and are really professional. My order was sent on the same day I placed it and I was regularly informed of the move of the package as it is an international order. I received perfectly beautiful and original items that were wrapped with great care! I really appreciate their quick service, care and taste in the offered products! Devid Label is now one of my stores of choice! Thank you!
Radina Hristova
i have ordered 2 articles. came immediately in 1-2 days. in perfect condition. decided to return 1 item, they were extremely nice and helpful. Note: currently their web "how to return" section does not work, yet to be setup. but you can reach them easily on Chat. returns are free of shipment fees. Devidlabel takes care of it 👍
Jasna Najdova Vurnek
With the product and delivery service, I'm satisfied. It's a bit costier though. I saw the same product in other seller and it cost lower but overall I'm content.
Ăŕķ âńğħŁ