Club Devid Label

What is the Club Devid Label?

The Club Devid Label was created to meet the demands of our top customers, who have become loyal over the last few years, leading us to become an established reality of the e-commerce scene at the Italian level.

No hidden costs or subscription fees, completely free!!

What benefits do I have by joining the Club Devid Label?

The benefits for you will be many: dedicated offers every month, special discounts on many new products, extra discounts during the sale period, exclusive access to priority collections, possibility to purchase exclusive limited edition products, and much more.

Will I be harassed with emails from the Club Devid Label?

Absolutely not. We know what it is like to receive dozens of e-mails every day and we want to avoid this for you. Our communications will be consistent over time but very discreet and targeted.

How do I join the Club Devid Label?

Clicking down here will require you to leave only 4 details: your first name, last name, the email you frequently use, and a password of your choice. Use the same username and password to login and use all the power of the Club Devid Label!

If you already have a Devid Label account and want to be part of the Club, log in to your member area and click on Club Membership.

Trusted reviews
05/06/2023 16:39:37
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professionalità e gentilezza. ho avuto un problema esposto per @ a cui ho avuto risposta immediata, ad ordine effettuato ho ricevuto il pacco il giorno successivo. consiglio a tutti soprattutto per la serietà ..e quando si acquista online non è scontato. grazie davvero
Francesca Santucci
Esperienza estremamente positiva relativamente alla semplicità nella procedura di acquisto (non necessaria l'ennesima registrazione ad un sito con relative user e password!!) ma soprattutto alla rapidità di consegna: acquisto effettuato alle 15, il giorno successivo prima delle 13 era già arrivato.
Claudio Sfravara