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The women's T-shirts and shirts category is perfect if you want to make your style even more interesting than you ever imagined. Discover the many items of clothing in the Devid Label store, a brand that has become synonymous with quality, convenience and style.


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Trusted reviews
23/07/2024 11:15:22
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I am very glad I found this store! They have a great selection of multiple brands and are really professional. My order was sent on the same day I placed it and I was regularly informed of the move of the package as it is an international order. I received perfectly beautiful and original items that were wrapped with great care! I really appreciate their quick service, care and taste in the offered products! Devid Label is now one of my stores of choice! Thank you!
Radina Hristova
i have ordered 2 articles. came immediately in 1-2 days. in perfect condition. decided to return 1 item, they were extremely nice and helpful. Note: currently their web "how to return" section does not work, yet to be setup. but you can reach them easily on Chat. returns are free of shipment fees. Devidlabel takes care of it 👍
Jasna Najdova Vurnek